Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Serving horror
I was prepered for anything, the food was moaning to be eaten. So now I couldn’t resest.

People came running I started to serve as quick as I can. I could also see that the others were dribbling too like a chubby Bulldog ready to eat. Half and broken pieces were crying of how they were in half and how crushed they were.

I could have died of starvation. It was too yummy the smell, everything about the food. It was too hard to resist. I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to make a distraction to make them stop eating so my mind wouldn’t explode BOOM my head felt shaky like a volcano that’s about to erupt.

Crunch crunch crunch that’s the sound of people’s mouths eating my delicious food that’s right I said my delicious food. The crumbs of people’s food turned into big pieces of desert big food got bigger I was LOSING MY MIND.

Image result for pigAfter I got to sit down and eat like a pig but I ate to much for some room for desert I wish I didn’t eat at all.

By Ngamihi        

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